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 Polyester powder coating, anticorrosion function plays an excellent anti-rust, waterproof. Polyester powder coating and non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free characteristics. The coating film of high mechanical strength, chemical stability, high elasticity, high tracking, high toughness; wear resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance; no cracks, do not fall off, do not fade; freeze-thaw resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance advantages.



The company's products are rich in color and bright, the expert studies show that, on behalf of the bright, warm, bright, happy, sweet, soft, be lively and vivid, pure color are all children love. For example, the warm orange, saturation is low in red, yellow, pink, blue, green, high purity, there is also some not strong neutral colors, such as purple and green is appropriate. These colors are the company's main colors, has great attraction for children.

Developed on Two Layer/Three Layer Colorful PE Board, We use mechanical cut from square PE into shapes of funny panels and animal riders to maximize the fun for kids. Let me know your favorite color and design, and we will customize your dreamed one!